About Us

Hartey Jerky is a jerky making business located on a family run Emu Farm near Tooraweenah NSW. Our goal is to use every part of an Emu when they are processed.


Emu Logic  which is run by Phil and Penny is the established family business which runs emus mainly to produce 100% pure Emu Oil. They also have natural soaps and other products available. If you would like to check them out please follow the link.


Fine Feathers is another business that is running off our farm. This business is run by Nicole and includes using all the emu feathers to create wonderful hand made fascinators, earrings, necklaces, dream catches and other craft items. She also sorts the feathers to sell bulk craft and nest feathers.


We then decided we needed so do something with the meat and thought since the emu meat is extremely lean it would be perfect for jerky. Hence 'Hartey Jerky' was then created by Dan and Nicole so we could do just that. With majority of the meat being on the drumstick it becomes really tough to cook but works really well when making jerky.